Reactivation AI Fresh Lead AI Voice AI Custom Builds Reactivation AI Fresh Lead AI Voice AI Custom Builds Reactivation AI
Reactivation AI Fresh Lead AI Voice AI Custom Builds Reactivation AI Fresh Lead AI Voice AI Custom Builds Reactivation AI


Founded on a decade of expertise in scaling companies to seven, eight, and nine-figure revenues, RevSquared was born from a vision of the transformative impact that AI can have on small to mid-sized businesses. Our seasoned team, having invested millions in advertising, secured thousands of appointments, and built robust call centers, now focuses on leveraging AI to revolutionize business operations. At RevSquared, we are dedicated to empowering companies with AI technologies, providing them with unparalleled opportunities to scale efficiently and reshape their industries.

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Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done. - David Goggins

Core Values

“Try not to become a man of success. Rather, become a man of value. Even if you cannot change all of the people around you, you can change the people you choose to be around.”

Value First

We all have an inevitable outcome in this world and we can’t take our money with us. What we can do is make a lasting impact on other people’s lives. Our goal is to provide value out in the world without expectations. This has allowed us to live in abundance.

Do The Work Required To Win

In a world full of “do as little as you can” we stand out because we embrace doing the work required to win. Hard work is in our DNA and we are not looking for the easy way out.

Always Be Learning

In our world, technology is always changing and the word “expert” has lost its meaning. We take a student mentality to everything that we do. Removing the ego allows for maximum growth.

Disciplined Actions

The best definition we have ever heard was, “Discipline is doing what you hate doing, but doing it like you love it.” Though we love the work that we do, we strive to stay disciplined in our actions and embrace challenges as an opportunity for growth.

Our Start



Our First Paid Ad

With a background in sales and cold calling, we struck gold by learning paid ads, sales funnels, and how to attract customers to us. The beginning of our thirst for growth.


Our First Seven-figure Company

After spending years honing in on our craft, we produced multiple millions in enterprise value and built our first million-dollar business. Over time we would grow to drive multiple 8-figures in revenue, train countless sales teams, and spend millions in paid ads.


Call Centers & CRM Development

After years of working with US-based sales teams, we wanted to implement new methods in driving appointment volume and revenue. It was time to get serious about optimizing our systems and scaling. From here, we would spend years building out contact centers, training sales teams, and driving appointments for further growth. The art of the scale.


Eye-opening AI

This is where the game changed. AI had been in the peripheral for some time, but it had now advanced to a place where we felt a massive impact could be made. We developed our first text-based and voice-based Ai and deployed it into the marketplace. What we discovered made us stop everything we were doing, and make a massive shift.


Meet the Minds Behind Rev² Innovation.

Kyle Kotecha

Sonia Kotecha

Muhammad Usman

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