Scaling your revenue is a simple formula. It is the same for nearly any business. 

More leads > More Appointments > More Sales > Repeatable Processes & Systems.

Though this formula seems simple, many companies still struggle to grow. In this article, we want to break down the best ways to generate leads in 2024, turn those leads into appointments, and make winning a repeatable system in your business. 

I like to look at the first step as bait. What bait are you using in this large ocean of companies to attract, hook, and bring them into your ecosystem where they can purchase your services? We have evaluated, consulted, and constructed systems for many companies, and here are the top ways we have seen for companies to generate the most leads. 

Getting Leads For Your Business 

Buying Data & Leads- I did not know this was a thing for years. However, this is one channel that we use to grow your business. With this avenue, B2B companies can purchase contact records, and leverage cold emails, cold calls, marketing campaigns, and AI automation to turn these leads into appointments and sales. If you’re just getting started, or need volume, this is a great strategy.  

Pros: You can keep your team busy and leverage AI to generate appointments. 

Cons: This is cold outreach, and you need to scrub your lists for DNC before you start. 

Paid ads- Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Spotify, TikTok, Radio, Billboards, SEO. These are a few paid media channels. Depending on your advertising budget, I would highly recommend picking one or 2 of these and mastering them. For a decade we have used paid ads to generate fresh leads of people who are interested in our services. Now it is even easier with AI. You can have the new lead go right into your CRM and then have your AI engage with that lead, turning them into qualified appointments for your team.  Pro tip: You can go to the ads library for most of these social media platforms and see what others in your industry are doing. Don’t reinvent the wheel here, just get leads. 

Pros: You can create a seamless system of fresh leads, AI engagement, and appointment schedules. This is also more predictable and people want what you offer already. 

Cons: Takes knowledge and work to dial in, costs more than purchasing data. 

Cold Email- Cold email is effective if you know what you’re doing. This is not to be confused with creating a workflow in your CRM and sending a series of 3 emails to them. I’m speaking about the science of taking 10-100 domains, creating 3 accounts on each, warming up your emails, and crafting a perfectly thought-out email campaign for hundreds of thousands of businesses. This is the law of averages in full effect. You’re casting a very wide net and you’re pulling in a small % of them. However, if you have a well-crafted offer, you can generate a LOT of leads this way. We recently helped a company strategize a way to increase their sales from cold email. They had too much friction. We advised creating a gated landing page. This would allow us to get their consent, name, and cell phone. Once that is gathered, the AI could be deployed to qualify and schedule the appointment. 

Cons: A lot to set up. You need domains and software to warm up those domains/ send emails, and it requires a lot of data. 

Pros: You can do massive volume and scoop up a lot of leads this way. Relatively low cost as well. 

Content Marketing/ Organic/ SEO- Content is still king. Though I have always been a fan of paid ads, if you can generate organic traffic that already knows, likes, and trusts you, those are the best leads. Imagine viral content online where people know your brand. They comment, DM, and message your brand on Facebook. AI can take over all of that and turn that into appointments for your business. SEO has a similar effect. This is a long-term strategy, but pays dividends over time. 

Pros: You get very high quality, it doesn’t require ad spend, and it helps you build trust with your customers. 

Cons: This can be slow and it requires real buy-in from your team to execute. This can take a long time to see the benefits and is not the only avenue to use when growing a business. 

LinkedIn Outreach- If you use LinkedIn you have been pitched by someone in the messages before. You can gather data via 3rd parties as well as sales navigators. Once you have your target audience, you can use software to send a message sequence to that list via Linkedin. This will get people to raise their hands with interest if done correctly. We currently use this for our business. Once someone expresses interest, we then use our internal AI to reach out to that prospect and schedule an appointment. 

Pros: Pretty straightforward to set up. LinkedIn is a platform for networking and doing business. You can automate a good bit of this. 

Cons: Your audience may not use this platform. You will likely need a virtual assistant to handle this for you or be able to dedicate the time to managing replies. 

Ok, so now we have covered a few ways you can secure leads for your business, it’s time to talk about how we turn those leads into appointments. I’m sure that you noticed the use of AI was in each of the lead generation strategies above. That’s because it has been the most effective way we have seen of turning leads into appointments. 

Turning Leads Into Appointments

The new centerpiece of your business is AI! When we work with a company, we typically start by building out the AI that all of their lead sources funnel into. By doing this, companies are seeing a massive increase in appointments with no increase in marketing dollars. They have noticed the quality of appointments is much higher than appointments from human setters, and they have also seen a massive spike in appointments from old leads. 

You can use Chat-GPT to book appointments directly on your calendar. At RevSquared we craft custom AI agents to transform your lead management. These AIs are programmed to qualify leads, overcome objections, and schedule appointments. They can send out applications, send additional information, and automate follow-up. 

These AI agents are smart. They can speak any language your leads want to chat in, they can work thousands of leads at a time, and we can train them up with a knowledge base that they never forget  Imagine giving your new human appointment setter a script and website and telling them to memorize everything before they started on their first day. It would never happen, but with AI, that is standard. 

A recent AI agent we built for a company scheduled 10 appointments in one day for one business. In the course of a few weeks, it has booked 70 appointments and generated over $2M in pipeline value. 

These agents can plug into your Google My Business chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, missed call text back, website, Instagram DM, SMS, and even make/ take phone calls. These AI agents take traffic from every area and turn it into fresh and qualified appointments for your team. 

At this point, you know how to generate the leads, we know how to turn those leads into appointments, and now it’s time to look at how we create a repeatable system so we can scale without the business breaking. 

Proper Systems & Processes 

I know I’m not the only person who has lost deals due to a lack of organization. I have probably forgotten more deals than I have closed. That was in my younger sales years and it motivated me to leverage technology to keep everything organized. 

Now we build these systems for companies across the US. Many of you have or have heard of CRM. However, most do not use its full capabilities. When we look back at the mechanisms for lead generating in this article, they have something in common. 

We were casting a large net and grabbing interested prospects. Our AI is working with those prospects and turning them into appointments for our sales team. Our sales team is further refining that and turning it into new revenue for your business. 

That is a lot of moving parts and your CRM should be the brain tracking every detail. When built correctly, it should feel simple and intuitive to use but have robust automation that makes that seamless user experience, possible. 

Each CRM that we build has a deal pipeline at its core. Leads are placed into their correct buckets based on what has transpired. Lead scoring so your sales team can focus their activity on deals most likely to convert. True visibility so leadership can get a high-level view of all moving parts to make better decisions. Appointment reminders, advanced workflows, and integrations are all important and make the difference between a business that crashes and burns and a business that scales without issue. 

There is more that goes into a repeatable system to scale. Items like hiring, training, and SOPs also play a major role. 

Well, there you have it. You know how to generate leads for your business. You know how to leverage AI to schedule appointments, and you know how to leverage your CRM to create repeatable systems. 

You know what to do and now it’s time to take action and make it happen. If you need help building out lead generation systems, implementing AI, or perfecting your CRM, the RevSquared team is here to help. Our team of developers and salesminds can help you craft the perfect system for your business.